The Bible calls to defer anger (number of 3.8, Ephesus 4.26-27) and instead "onto the floor-
tempt to the fullness of God (Eph. 3: 19). In addition, God's people should not to go, as the pagans and unbelievers (Ephesus 4.17-18).
However, it turns out that anger itself is not sinful. It's
one of the emotions, which God gave man.
History has taught us that not all biblical heroes protective. For Example, Moses
was the gentleness-he almost never was angry. Aaron also was angry,
GDS demanded him to make the golden calf (unlike Moses, when he
saw this).
There is a fundamental difference between a usual human and an anger of Christians (Eph 4.20-23). If the unbeliever (pagan) becomes angry, his up-his anger. If the Christian becomes angry, it manages your anger, because
that his mind controls his feelings and manages them.
The assertion that we should not get angry, misunderstood. This can be seen from the
"Ephesus 4.26” Use, not own.
Removing sin is our task. But we can't do it themselves (Jer 13.23).
To remove sin, we must turn to God (Is 1.18).
You do not need to hide their feelings, especially when everything is within us
(Ephesus 4.31). Said «yes will remove from you, rather than being hidden away (v. 30).
Feelings can change only the Holy Spirit. But if you reject, saying,
We have everything in order, nothing happens.
Another aspect: the wrath of the enemies is a natural (Ps 57; Ps 138.21-22)
This is another argument that you cannot hide feelings. Concealment
feelings are:
1) impairment of the nervous system;
2) hypocrisy.
If we have offended, we should turn to God in prayer and tell him what we feel.

Although anger is a natural emotion, the Bible also warns against anger
(Ephesus 4.32, Jac 1.19-20).
As already said above, we should not "give place to the devil" and "insult
Of The Holy Spirit ".
We must forgive each other not as forgiving world, as well as God forgives.
Remember the parable about the evils of the debtor (Mt 18-35).
The debtor was the King of a huge sum. 1 talent is 12000 "(one denarius worker received in ancient Rome for 1 day of work). So, 10 thousand talents is 120 million. ". For comparison, the annual income of the richest province was only 600 talents. The debt to the debtor is physically
could not pay. But the King forgave him the debt. Not to delay, and it is forgiven. Wicked debtor never even realized this, and went to their debtors to seek credit.
Be clear on your meaning of this parable. We are in relation to God in an irredeemable
debt. Our sin is the reason that Christ died on the cross. This debt we cannot give away.
There is not and cannot be a crime against us, which is not much less than what we did against God, and He will forgive us. We must therefore always forgive others.
Our forgiveness depends on how we forgive (Mt 6.14-15). God forgives
only someone who wants to do this.