Creating intelligent beings free, God wants, that they voluntarily accepted his love, and therefore provided an alternative-sin (disobedience to the commandments of love by choice that has consequences).
God of love Its limits here His omnipotence, assuming that the creation of said to him, "No."
After breaking up with someone who is love itself, the creation of the elect, so the path of acceptance, or is deprived of the right and the ability to live (and no one but him, this is not to blame).
God may have the right to control the entire universe only when all sentient beings will agree with him (after the victory over evil).
God never created violence on free will, and therefore cannot modify the consequences of arbitrary action.
The very existence of the evil God uses for it to run its course and exposed itself; After this, it will destroy itself forever.
But to expose itself to evil, God can not exclude the infliction of pain and to intervene in a separate mount (aka evil to no end). So the innocent to suffer. If it was not, they would unconditionally take example.
The offender avoids immediate punishment on the grounds that it may not immediately after the change (for example, the few fixes prison). And if he had been punished immediately, others would be scared.
Since everything in the universe is interconnected, the evil culprit is not only evil, but also the surrounding (the same can be said of the love that radiates a righteous creature).
Every Sin causes pain to God, and it was shown on the cross of Calvary. Who does sin, crucifies the God. For he sympathizes with each of our pain, that is the cause of sin.
Looking at the cross, we understand the greatness of divine love and hate evil.