God created us to be happy and not suffering. This confirms our pursuit of happiness. But many are not so fortunate, that leads to the misfortune of others.
There would be no sin, there would have been no disaster.

People in Jerusalem, upon hearing the truth were pricked in their heart, and asked: "what do we do?" the Apostle Peter said to them, repent, and ASK.
Examples of repentance:
1) Unjustifiable
Esau (Genesis 27): sold his birthright to Jacob for a meal (Gen 25.23) is God promised that Jacob from the smaller will be the great). Esau not criticised the blessing (spiritual blessing), voluntarily gave it to Jacob, and then wanted to kill him. Esau not repented sincerely and only regretted superiority.
Balaam (NUM 22): he repented, when frightened, that Angel will kill him (before he knew that God would not permit him to curse Israel).
Judas (Matthew 27): he realized that will have to answer for treason.
2) True
Peter (Matthew 26): when he realized his sin, then cried because of the upset God (and not because Sin punishable and it ceased to be an apostle).
David (Psalm 50 and 31, 2 Cor 11.12): he told God "thee do I have sinned."
Nathan reprove the King directly and without partiality. David Nathan, and avenged not repented and prayed about the purification of the heart (Psalm 31.3-5, 9.12).

We must first think about purification, not punishment for sin (v. 13-16).
Matthew 11.28 says: come to me, and then be cleansed from their sins (and not vice versa).
Acts, 1 Peter and 2 Peter is from God and not from us, and repentance and forgiveness of sins. "Ask God to give you repentance" ("the way to Christ").
Take concrete action, not just desire. Do not think, like Nicodemus, "good" or "better than others", and compare yourself with Jesus.
Dan 10.8 - Daniel, God's man and Prophet, was overpowered by its imperfections. Here it is impossible to divide sins on the big and small. For example, many see drunkenness, but do not notice the pride and greed.
The Apostle Peter said God resisteth the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Pride is the opposite of the character of Christ.

Parable of the publican and the Pharisee (Luke 18):
The Pharisee people thought a devout, and he himself was proud of his faith. However he came out of the temple. So whoever exalts himself will be humbled.
Publican is considered a sinner, but he was ambitious, and was acquitted.
We are justified. Ethiopian cannot change the color of the skin, and only its creator. No matter how much we had not developed strength of will, we will not achieve perfection, but only will be better than others. Who compares himself with people, not with Jesus, will never be like him.
At Calvary, God died for sin. But he who denies the grace, could not be saved. Anyone who panders to the Sin might be lost forever. Unconquered our sin we will win. So, due to the small sin of Adam and Eve are all. We cannot afford to run the risk of our protection. Without our desire for Christ will save us. He looks at our hearts, not on appearance.
Let each one would be a dangerous path if he stood up to it. "This is now a time favourable and day of salvation" (2 Cor 6.2).