The Bible encourages Christians to modesty.
"Do not think of yourself more than you" (Romans 12).
The Dictionary says that a humble man-means non-angry, Submissive, humble, low-key assessment of his actions, non-boastful, moderate, decent.
Jesus once said about what should be a Minister of the Church (Matt 20.24-26): "the Princes rule over the people, and you may not be so. WHO WANTS TO BE GREAT AMONG YOU WILL BE YOUR SERVANT. "

The word "modesty" in the New Testament is mentioned 3 times (1 time 2 times of Jacob and Paul). In the old testament the Word no, and yet at the time, there was a lot of humble people. There, they are referred to as MEEK.
"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth" (Matt 3.4).
Moses was the gentleness ". The same were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and many others. A striking example of the humble person is John the Baptist.
1. He talked about himself: I am not a Messiah, just a voice crying in the wilderness.
2. He was modestly dressed modestly and ate his food was locusts (roots)
and wild honey.
3. When Christ came, John did not regret what he has more students.
He said: "he (Christ) must increase, but I must decrease." And sent all his disciples to him.
' Come and ... learn from me, for I am meek and lowly in heart ' (Matt 11.28-30). Take the example of Christ.
PRIDE-first sin. Because of the pride of Satan and Sin, Adam and Eve.
People of modest pride, marked by God (Ezekiel 9.4).
The other, opposite, example non-modest person is Aman. His name means "beautiful, majestic". Before he lifted up himself, that was ready to wipe the powder of any who do not bow to him. For the sake of the glory he has decided to exterminate an entire people. And he paid for it.

Believers must be free of arrogance. To conquer this sin, the need to find gentleness.